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A hypothesis about a self-serve product (Ep. 16)

We talk about the final steps we need to take before rolling out our self-serve signup process, and what self-serve might mean for Arrows as a product as we move forward.

Say hello to Arrows Software LLC (Ep. 15)

We formed the LLC for Arrows 🥳 We also started to take note of all the SaaS tools we currently use to run Arrows, which leads to some conversation about how Arrows can be a must-have tool.

The beginning of a new phase (Ep. 14)

This week Daniel talks through some thoughts that have been swirling around his mind as the guys figure out how they should transition into a new phase of Arrows.

Making a business out of the business (Ep. 13)

This week the boys lay out their plans for incorporating Arrows and enabling self-serve signup for the product.

Where the complexity grows (Ep. 12)

After a few weeks of heads-down product development, the boys check-in to talk about the work they've been doing to redesign parts of the UI to accommodate future complexity in the product.

How we decide what to build (Ep. 11)

We decided it'd be interesting to share how we organize and plan our product development based on the customer research we do. Enjoy!

The optimist & the conservative (Ep. 10)

We reconcile with a tense conversation we had at the end of last week, and discuss the positives and negatives around one of us being more optimistic and the other being more generally conservative.

Spreading ourselves too thin (Ep. 9)

The boys talk this week about how we've been spreading ourselves too thin across too many initiatives. And now it's time to refocus on the most important and highest leverage things we can do. Find out more about Arrows at

We reached 10 customers! 🥳 (Ep. 8)

Arrows finally reached 10 paid customers! It's an exciting milestone for us. We discuss the new product feedback we received from an early customer, our exciting onboarding calls, hiring a content marketer, and more. Find out more about Arrows at

Hair on fire problem (Ep. 7)

Both Daniel and Benedict are back together this week. We talk about how Benedict's blog post performed, how getting more demos doesn't necessarily turn into more sales, and nailing our ideal customer profile. Find out more about Arrows at

A big list of stuff (Ep. 6)

Benedict has a solo episode this week where he runs through the big list of our marketing experiments from last week. Then he breaks down the blog post he wrote for the brand new Arrows blog. Find out more about Arrows at

Cold emails, Google ads, and a bit more (Ep. 5)

This week we do a follow-up on last week's cold email goals, discussing how they've been going and some details about how we've been structuring the emails. We also started testing some small Google Ads, and talk through our thinking there. Find out more about Arrows at Spoiler for next week's episode: about 45 minutes after we recorded this episode, we had a payment come through from one of the customers we discussed. Then a few hours later we had another one!

Bird by Bird (Ep. 4)

This week we recap how our sales efforts from last week are going (hint: not as we'd hoped). So we make some new plans for how to move forward. Find out more about Arrows at

Filling up the sales funnel (Ep. 3)

We discuss our plans for hitting our upcoming sales goals of 10 total customers! It's a follow-up to last week's episode, where Daniel spoke about how we're doing follow-up demo calls with companies we've already talked to. So this week is about how we're planning to find new companies who don't yet know Arrows exists. Enjoy!

Sales, Sales, Sales (Ep. 2)

This episode is a solo with Daniel. He gives rundown of the sales work we're doing now that we've onboarded our first customers and are trying to get more people to use the product. Find out more about Arrows at

Onboarding our first customers (Ep. 1)

This week we started onboarding our very first customers, most were preorders from a few months ago before we even wrote a single line of code. Find out more about Arrows at

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